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Public Relations

KRN Media offers top-notch Quality and Excellent Freelance PR Services in Hyderabad since 2014. We believe to adhere in great adaptability towards market changes and innovations to make you stand out from the rest of the players.

We cater to varied clients including Political Parties, Politicians, Multinational companies, Educational institutions, Corporate among others. I understand the target audience and comprehend chalking out the best-customized plans according to your business. A wide array of my Freelance PR Services in Hyderabad includes Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Web Designing, and Development services are delivered at a professional pace at affordable costs.

Our expertise lies around handling complex and challenging Public Relations Services in Hyderabad. My in-depth knowledge and understanding of integrated communication help us delivering results that go beyond my expectations.

With all the years of experience, developed contacts with 100+ Editors and Journalists, 150+ News Agencies, 80+ Influencers, 100+ Blogger and Vloggers and among others. We can help you publish your press release on 200+ News and Media platforms and will be syndicated to an extensive range.

My Public Relations Services in Hyderabad

  • PR Distribution
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Awareness
  • Content Writing Services

All of our PR Campaigns follow a tried and tested process. We initiate an in-depth consultation with you and finds more about you and your business to check with opportunities and challenges you have and to face.

We will formulate a PR Strategy to help you and me to achieve your intentions. We’ll part down all your goals, target audience, sales, and marketing plan and discuss with possible options. I will roll out the PR Strategy and evaluate the things happened and will report you back with all the KPI’s.

We discern the art and science of Public Relations. Being persistently in touch with people is our strength. We have forged valuable associations with top media agencies in Hyderabad. Our PR Team has helped brands grow across Print and Digital Media. We connect you with your customers efficiently and professionally, which makes eyeballs for your company. In simple words, we influence customers to visit your place.

Through our PR Services in Hyderabad, we also help to find out who is influential for your brands like Bloggers, Social Media Professionals, and Journalists. We connect with those whoever matters for your brand, get attractive and engaging content at the right time by ensuring brand coverage by them through the channels they represent. Needless to say more than the traditional PR Firms, we are a new age Digital PR Agency Company to engage and grow with us.

Find out more about the range of PR Services, Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and Online Reputation Management for your Business. Call us now on +919912219717 or Email Us at [email protected]  

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