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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a Direct Marketing strategy that involves sending Newsletters, Promotions, Advertisements and updates to your target customers or clients. It is a quite inexpensive and cheaper way to increase sales, driving traffic to your website, acquiring trust and loyal customers and building brand awareness.

KRN Media offers Email Marketing Services in Hyderabad to help businesses communicate with your subscribers and get the best ROI. Our services include sending News updates of your organization, Special Discounts to acquire more potential clients, Promotional offers and other promotions to build your brand.

Email expert services in Hyderabad include

Email Copywriting

We write and craft your emails for your promotional and advertising email campaigns to achieve maximum readability return on investment and potential business.

Responsive Email Design

We design and optimize your beautiful and engaging email templates to access through multiple devices and platforms.

Email Automation

We automate your email campaigns through journey builders and create triggers to offer your clients offers and discounts according to their behavior.

Email Campaign Management

We create, design, deploy and manage your Email Campaigns to keep your customers or clients up to date with all the necessary information along with customized reports and infographics.

Email Subscriber List

We build your email subscribers list and handle unresponsive email subscribers to make space for potential clients, deliverability and reachability.

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