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Digital Marketing Course

Do you want to learn Digital Marketing from Trainers who don’t even have real time experience or Do you want to learn Digital Marketing from Real Time Experts and Professionals who can teach and coach you for realistic world. There are many institutions and trainers in the market training people just in the name of Digital Marketing Course. If you got the concerns mentioned above, then you are at the right place to learn Digital Marketing.

KRN Media offers Digital Marketing Online Training on Real Time Scenarios with a complete practical approach. Trained more than 1200+ candidates including Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals and Students who wants to take up Digital Marketing as a career. By the End of the course, you will be able to Develop, Implement and Manage Online Marketing Campaigns to promote product or a service of your own or for your client.

It is a One to One 40 Hours Digital Marketing Online Course with a practical orientation at an affordable price for the students and Entrepreneurs. We have also designed a Fast Track Digital Marketing Online Course for Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs to be completed in 3 Weeks or 20 Hours gives you a comprehensive of Core and Exciting areas of Digital Marketing.

Master the basics of digital marketing with our integrated course prepared and planned to suit Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Students. There are 9 full modules to explore, all created by Ex Google employees and expert consultants, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge and techniques into action.

We train each and every Digital Marketing Enthusiast with deep understanding and knowledge to create an impact full experience of your life to build your career. Everything you learn is to apply realistically to achieve goals and results. The below mentioned Digital Marketing Course Curriculum is just to give you a clear view on what you are going to learn but not limited. as the whole industry is volatile and keep changing every fortnight.

Here is the Digital Marketing Online Training Course Content

1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
2. Search Engine Optimization
   SEO Introduction
   How Search Engine Works
   Types of SEO
   On Page
   Off Page
   Local SEO
   SEO Tools
3. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
   Google Analytics Setup
   How to use Google Analytics
   Webmaster Tools Setup
   How to use Webmaster Tools
4. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
   Introduction to Google Ads
   Types of Ads
   How to create Ads
   Display Ads
   Search Ads
5. Social Media Optimization & Marketing
   Introduction to Social Media
   Types of Social Media
   Social Media Strategy and Planning 
   Social Media Advertising
   Social Media Measurement and Reporting
6. Email Marketing
   Introduction to Email Marketing
   Types of Email Campaigns
   Spam Email Keywords
   Email Campaign Management 
7. Content Marketing
   Introduction to Content Marketing
   Content Marketing Strategy
   Measurement and Budget
   Content Best Practices
8. Video Marketing
   Video Marketing Strategy
   Video Sharing Platforms
   YouTube Advertising
   Videos Ads
9. WordPress 
   Introduction to WordPress
   Types of Websites
   How to create Business Website
   How to create Blog