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  • December 10, 2019

Top reasons to hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in 2019

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Top reasons to hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant in 2019

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Ironically, many businesses hesitate to hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant. It is a big decision to switch from an in house consultant to hire a freelancer.

Most of all know that amazing talent and expertise can be found outside to their organization and can be hired to execute your special projects and can turn things quickly. Many businesses I know are slow and even scared to hire me as a freelancer at first, mostly because of the issues related to Cost, Security, and No Control to take action.

Despite the issues, there are many benefits of working with a Freelance Digital Marketer outweigh the various issues and risks. However, you can enjoy the benefits if you can take some of your time before hiring a right freelance consultant.

Branding: Website, Social Media & Email Marketing

Designing a Website and running it is not an easy task to take care of. There are lots of things to look after such as Website Maintenance, Handling all Social Media Profiles regularly, Managing the content and as well as Email Marketing and more.

With all the issues listed banging your head, hiring a Freelance Digital Marketer would be more beneficial definitely.

Low website traffic and no lead generation

Are you getting low website traffic?

Are there very few leads generating through your website?

Well, this is a good sign and you need to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant. The consultant can assist you in building a marketing strategy to target visitors or customers more effectively affordably.

New marketing strategies provide you with consumable content, marketing automation, able to share and publish target information to the customers allowing you to increase sales and leads spectacularly.

Content and Website Updates

Visitors and Google itself are looking for new and engaging content. If your website was last updated an year or two years ago, then you might need to hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Marketer.

You need to consider an attractive website design, competitor research, proper SEO and engaging content to remain in the ever changing competitive online market. As per the current trends, responsive website which are mobile friendly and having an ultimate viewing experience regardless of any device are receiving organic search engine rankings.

Therefore, if you don’t meet all of such criteria need a Freelance Digital Marketing specialist to provide right information and work for you.

Tracking Analytics

In order to test, track and analyze the results to work and know which strategies are working and which aren’t. Therefore, if you don’t have ample time to track such as traffic sources, number of visitors, bounce rate, user behavior and the leads generating, you definitely need a Freelance consultant like me.

You should look for someone who can understand your business and provide necessary tools and resources to do all the chores for you.

Content Updates

Google prioritize and prefer websites with genuine and plagiarism and fresh content. If you are not in this category then you website’s success will be destabilized consequently.

However, the content is just not limited to your website but also your social media profiles need to be regularly updated on frequent basis. If you don’t have time and resources to post new and fresh content on regular basis, then hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist can make things easier by doing and also teaching it for you.

Limited access to resources and tools

If you have in house team to look after Websites, Social Media, Content, Digital Marketing for all the proven procedures, resources and tools. Most of the time, I see this is not the case. A Freelance Digital Marketing Expert or Consultant can help you with all the things needed to establish your business online.

The consultant will have all the insights on how to implement and tools to guarantee more success for your business.

Cost efficiency

It is a lot cheaper and inexpensive hiring a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant than hiring a company or an in house team to work for the website. You can find someone who can do all the things at an affordable cost where for an in house team or a Digital Marketing Agency on a monthly basis.

However, you can hire a freelancer on a specific project for a specific time at your assigned budget. The consultant will work for you and implement the project at higher pace effectively and accurately.