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  • December 24, 2019

Top 6 Best SEO Techniques to use in 2020

seo techniques in 2020

Top 6 Best SEO Techniques to use in 2020

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As the competition goes higher and higher and new websites coming in, it’s time for owners and marketers to rethink your SEO and Content Marketing strategies. Websites must meet certain standards to follow to rank higher in Search Engines and this is where SEO comes into place.

Here is the list of some powerful SEO Trends of 2020 to rank higher in the search engine results by updating your website accordingly.

Featured Snippets

Google has evolved over the years to deliver a better search experience to its users through Featured Snippets, also called Zero Position or Zero Search Result.

To drive more clicks using this feature, you need to write content to provide clear answers on commonly asked questions initiating with ’ What is’ or ‘How to’. Featured Snippets are evaluated and boosted to top results depending on the niche and content quality. Study shows 54.58% of clicks from Google are originated from this feature and driving half of the search clicks through Zero Search Results.

Voice Search

Earlier, people used to search by putting some keywords into the search box, this is how keywords are born. With the growing use of smart devices, voice search has become a popular trend among users. These Voice Searches are performed around Smart Phones, Voice Assistants and Home Assistants such as Amazon Echo, Smart TV’s, Voice Pods and more.

Voice Searches can affect SEO, as most of the questions are asked via voice instead of search queries where the terms searched are conversational and targeted. Optimizing your website for Voice Search can help you generate more traffic and it is estimated 50% of all internet searches will be through voice by 2020.

Influencer Marketing

People often snowed under insidious ads and constantly searching for trusted and authentic feedbacks and reviews and this led to an increase in influencer marketing.  Users are much more likely to engage with valued and recognized faces in advertisements.

I got it, how does this pertain to SEO.  Influencer Marketing amplifies your content and website reach to generate more relevant and targeted traffic and helps you build valuable backlinks.

Quality Content and Complete Information

Creating high-quality content with complete information is a critical ingredient of a successful SEO strategy.  Users want relevant, helpful, complete content and that’s what Google tends to reward with top ranking.

Make a good combination of content and its length with comprehensive and rich information to answer all the queries and questions. The more a user spends on your website, the more you will be rewarded.    

Secure Websites

Google wants to provide its users with a secure and safe browsing experience and also an important factor for your search ranking. If users don’t feel safe visiting your website of if they see a ‘Not Secure’ warning, they will leave your website and as a result bounce rate increases which will have an impact on your organic search rankings.

HTTPS gives your website visitors a secure connection that is encrypted and authenticated. It helps by preventing intruders from tampering any information between the website and your visitors.   

Video Marketing

6 out of 10 people would like to watch a video than watching TV, 7 out of 10 people learn from YouTube, and 5 out of 10 people watch entertainment videos through the internet.

You need to optimize videos to reach more people by creating a Video Strategy. Using appropriate keywords in the description and title will reach your video to a large number of people.