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  • December 9, 2019

My experience with Best Hosting Providers in India

Best Web Hosting Providers in india

My experience with Best Hosting Providers in India

My experience with Best Hosting Providers in India https://www.krnmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Best-Web-Hosting-Providers-in-india.png 838 486 KRN Media KRN Media https://www.krnmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Best-Web-Hosting-Providers-in-india.png

Before buying or choosing a Web Hosting in India, you need to check lots of factors like Speed, Security, Service, Technical Support and lastly but not lease about the pricing.

According to my experience, here is the list of Best Hosting providers I suggest and also explaining about its Pro’s and Con’s

Godaddy India

My experience with Godaddy was equally “Yahhh” and “Nahh”. One of the best things I experienced is the average speed of 111ms in the Indian demography. Their customer support is feels you both in Yaah and Nahh, as they are perfectly available for you whenever you call and will charge you in many ways. They say the hosting is unlimited and limit the customers at 2,50,000 files of database.

The price is pretty good and their own customized UI is good and conveniences you with all the applications like WordPress, Magento, Php and many platforms. You can always select your Data Center according to your target audience and speed you need.

You can buy Shared Linux Web Hosting at below listed prices and can compare the features between the plans as per your requirement.


Bluehost, as soon as they are formed in 2003, they quickly went on becoming a top web hosting brand in the world. The datacenters are mostly based in the US and I experienced pretty good speed of 181ms when dealing with International websites and a speed of 330ms when dealing with India based websites. Definitely Godaddy got a better mark over Bluehost .

Bluehost is a best choice for Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and News Agencies, where dealing with large amount of Database. And the other options are pretty same as Godaddy when compared. The plan costs expensive when compared to Godaddy Hosting plans.


BigRock is quite a popular web host provider in India and got an average speed of 64ms when dealing with Indian websites but got an average of 190ms with International websites.

According to my experience, BigRock is cheap and they are ok with all the limited features in the dashboard. UI, SSL implementation and the other features needed to be upgraded. Still Godaddy marks on top in terms of plan costs when compared.


My experience with Hostinger has been great all the years. They are pretty fast in speed with an average speed of 99ms with Indian Websites and 190ms with International Websites.

There are limited features and benefits as compare to Godaddy and others but they offer attractive pricing and excellent support. Out of the above all Godaddy and Hostinger is in top list when compared with the prices and features.