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  • December 15, 2019

free Google Tools for digital marketing in 2019

Free Google tools for digital marketing in 2019

free Google Tools for digital marketing in 2019

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Google Search Console

Formally known as Google Webmaster Tools. As the name suggests, use the Search Console to give your website a regular check by keeping everything running smoothly and to spot any issues with your site.

You can find out any crawling issues, indexing issues, external links, internal links, robots.txt, structured data, site map submissions and more at absolutely free cost.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains a popular and constantly evolving tracking tool for your website. You can check with the traffic sources like Direct, Referral, Social and other, from which location you are getting traffic, traffic on a specific page, live real-time traffic information and many more.

You can also create specific goals to check with your conversions and target numbers. Although there are alternatives like Open Web Analytics, WebTrends, Clicky, Omniture and many more, Google analytics remain popular and free.  

Keyword Planner

Another tool from Google which can help you in finding keywords for both Google Ad Campaigns and also for Keyword Analysis. This tool is mainly superseded for Google Ads but if you can master how to use this tool, you can easily figure out how efficient it is for SEO as well.

Google Business

It is a tool for local business and listing your business. You can create a local listing and get submitted on Google Maps by choosing your business category which can help to showcase your local business in multiple ways. You can also generate relevant traffic, show you in map while searching in nearby places and also you can post information targeting and engagement with your customers.

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that can help you manage and deploy tags such as Google Analytics Universal Tracking code, Google ads Remarketing code, Ad Conversion codes, Heatmap Tracking code, Snippets, and Facebook Pixel on your website or mobile app without modifying your code.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a split-testing tool that plugs into your website and enables you to create experiments on delivering content and typically used for Conversion Rate Optimization. Using this tool you can achieve higher conversion rates. For Example, if 10000 people visit your website per month and 2% of people get converted at a value of Rs.200/- each. They will bring you a total of Rs.40,000/-.

But, if you can use Google Optimizer to improve conversion rate to 3% of those 10000 visitors will then worth Rs.300 each and will bring you a total amount of Rs.60,000/- by increasing just 1% and will gain an extra Rs.20,000/- every month without investing into your marketing costs. 

PageSpeed Insights

In 2010, Google has announced that the speed of your website can have an effect on Google Search Results. Google’s page speed check tool includes browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome and also an in-browser site to check with the speed of a page or a site.

The tool analyzes your page or a site and gives you an actionable data to increase your page speed.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a great tool to search or compare traffic on different search terms of any sort. It can help you by showing a topic’s raise or fall of elements according to Country, Category, Web or YouTube or Image search and also you can check the data since 2004.

Google Consumer Surveys

You can conduct surveys to your consumers to know what and how exactly they are feeling about us serving their needs. Conducting surveys can cost you a lot of money but with Google Consumer Surveys, you can make it for free. You can get valuable data on how your consumers or visits perceive your service or product and their experience.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a very old tool but still holds an important place in most of the Marketers and Content Creator’s mind. You can use this tool to keep an eye on a selected topic and get regular updates from Google on its latest index updates.

You can also choose to get updates on the latest news of choice or a company or anything you want to keep a track of. I feel it can also be used as a link building tool