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  • December 19, 2019

Digital Marketing and Public Relations for Businesses in 2020

Public Realtions for Businesses in 2020

Digital Marketing and Public Relations for Businesses in 2020

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Do you want to expand your business? Would you like to expose your Brand to New People? Do you want people to recognize your product or service?

Public Relations classify how a company or organization correspond with customers, journalists, patrons, partners, politicians and to the general public. All of the businesses irrespective of size and industry need Public Relations. Customers want a trusted brand and nothing builds and cultivates trust like Public Relations.

Welcome to the world of Public Relations

Public Relations is a practice of influencing media channels to promote your brand and develop a positive public awareness. PR is a process of managing and spreading company information similar to Branding.

PR is focused on communication and reputation, whereas Branding spotlights to visual aspects like Company Logos, Official Websites and marketing collaterals through different media channels.

Owned Media vs. Paid Media vs. Earned Media

PR can be classified into three main categories: Owned, Paid and Earned Media. Where all work towards the same goals but use different strategies to reach, engage and build trust with your audience.

Owned Media includes Social Media, Websites, Blog and Emailing Newsletters and promotions. This is the most important source and acts as a home base and people connect on your owned sources in their coverage.

Paid Media includes Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click), Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing. Paid Media helps you by giving an instant boost and relevant reach at an affordable cost when compared to traditional marketing. Paid Media is an incredible way to reach your target audience and to make sure your content is visible to the people.

Earned Media is a tactic used to boost your brand and one of the sources to use for mouth talk and the best approach to build your reputation in short time. Earned media includes mentions in the industry news and reviews, Customer feedbacks on Social Media and Top Search Rankling results. It helps businesses in building Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Conversions.

Public Relations Vs Marketing

Public Relations and Marketing are similar but the goals are dissimilar. PR helps in boosting the reputation of your brand or services, where Marketing is to drive more profit and sales.

PR promotes your services or products indirectly through activities like Press Release Distribution, Participating in Industry Events, contributing seminars and webinars and Awareness programs. Marketing focuses on driving returns and boost up profits directly.

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Here are some of the Public Relations Strategies you may leverage to promote and build your organization’s reputation.

  • Business or Industry Events
  • Media Relations              
  • Employee Relations
  • Social Media
  • Community Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

Measuring Public Relations

You may measure and track your Public Relations activities using some of the below mentioned Key Performance Indicators

  • Domain Authority
  • Website Traffic
  • Website Backlinks
  • Business Conversions
  • Brand Mentions
  • Social Media Engagement